Do You Have the 3 Skills that Lead to Successful Investing?


  • Why investors frequently miss critical information about their accounts
  • Why people get worse at handling their money over time
  • How to improve your investing skills

Where: Profile Investment Services, Ltd. office, 2 HaMaalot Jerusalem
When: Friday, January 16 at 10 am
               Tuesday January 20, 5 pm
Cost: NIS 100 includes a copy of Doug Goldstein’s newest book Rich As A King: How the Wisdom of Chess Can Make You a Grandmaster of Investing
RSVP: 02-624-2788 or

Seminar Given at AACI (Jerusalem) in December 2013

How to Fund Your Retirement When You Can''t Count on Pensions, - Doug Goldstein, CFP® at AACI


How Retirement Income Is Taxed in the U.S. and Israel, - Ron Zalben at the AACI


Seminar Given to AACI (Jerusalem) in June 2013

What U.S. Expats Need to Know, Douglas Goldstein, CFP®


FBAR, FATCA, and You, Ron Zalben, CPA


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